17 December 2006

Shiny Happy People

Home at last! The boys are in a great mood this morning (they must be happy I'm home, too) and are celebrating vocally. Lars walked around for a while jubilantly reciting:

Hickory, dickory, DOCK!
The mouse runs up the CLOCK!
The clock and then
Hickory, dickory DOCK!

Ross treated us to a great Kevin Bacon imitation (including vocal pot clangs) on his way in for breakfast:

Whaddya got? You got a POT? (clang) SPOON? (clang)
You got a Pot! Spoon!
Rythym tune! (clang clang)

Both of them are now running around singing:

I see a Hiiiiiiiney
What's nice and Shiiiiiiiiiney
I see a Hiiiiiiiney
That's nice and Shiiiiiiney
Shiny hiney!

Ahhhhh...it's good to be home. :)


Epiphany Alone said...

Welcome back!

I fear that last song ends:

If you don't hide it
I just may bite it

karen said...

THAT'S what they're saying! I couldn't figure it out through all the giggling and running. I gather you're familiar with the tune?

Epiphany Alone said...

Yep, Ben and I used to chase each other around the house singing that song making PacMan-like chops at the other's rear.

kasper said...

you forgot the second verse:

You better hide it
before I buyte it


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