12 December 2006

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Heather did a nice holiday photo retrospective and I thought I'd follow her lead. My rendition is a bit spotty, as it turns out we don't have digital pictures from some of the years...you'll have to remember or imagine those years on your own

Christmas 1998, our last without kids:

Two weeks after Christmas 2000:

Christmas 2001:

Christmas 2004 (it looks like Ross just got a stocking full of coal but he was just practicing teenage malaise a few years early):

Christmas 2005 (I couldn't get the kids to stand still concurrently, so all the pictures I have from this year are of them separately or are terribly blurry):

In preparation for holiday pictures, Lars gave his own bangs a trim - can you tell?


Grandmoo said...

the red sports jacket making Ross look like a 25-year-old midget is my favorite!

Epiphany Alone said...

Oh my gosh those are SO cute! I love the one of itty bitty Ross reading to baby Lars. And OMG! How big he got that first year!

The last time I saw Lars I realized he's losing his baby face. It's amazing how much they change in just a year.


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