24 August 2007

Pinocchio's Nose

The kids are not at all excited about their new hockey team uniforms and I just got those decorations out for Christmas in July.

23 August 2007

If Only I Could Run

I've been partying with my sister-in-law for about seventeen years now, so you would think I'd know to run when she picks up a paint pen late at night but no, I sat still and even helped her move the bottom of my foot to a better angle. Then, I had to wait two days to get home so Chris could picture the bottom of my cast so I could see her work!

This little piggy...

The other side of my toes sport a bright enamel, courtesy of the one-leg & polish pedicure I had in Toronto while on WTHS.

22 August 2007

Class of 1987

We went to Chris' twentieth high school reunion a few weeks ago. We're still in regular contact with a few people he graduated with, like Bibliofilly, but it was great to see some friends we hadn't seen since his 10th. Here's a shot of the gang who managed to figure out which "big tree" in the Fireman's Field Chris meant for everyone to meet under:

They look pretty good!

07 August 2007

The Untold Story

Each tournament I've been to has a story and the most recent one is certainly no exception. I could sit back and let my broken leg reign as THE story of the MS 2007 tournament. I could even laugh and point out the enormous banner for St.Luke's - the hospital that patched me up - hanging in the background of the medals ceremony (I only noticed today when I processed the pictures).

...but my leg doesn't really doesn't deserve top billing. Anyone can break their leg while playing hockey...it takes a special someone, though, to hop into the wrong team bench at the end of her shift!

04 August 2007

Time Out

We're spending this weekend in Bethlehem, PA, where I've been skating in the Hockey Fights MS tournament. I'm skating for a blended team of women from the Central Penn Blades and the Bridgewater Wings - the same gang I skated with last year. It's been fun so far:

Game 1: Win!

Game 2: Win!

Zambonis concert! Nothing like skating to your favorite hockey band!

Game 3: Loss - but we're still in the finals!

...except that I will have to cheer from the side. With 5:34 to go in the third of game 3, I slid into the boards today and fractured my left tibia. Ow! My sister will be glad to know there are good things to be recognized:

* The ER here was fast and everyone was really nice.

* The hotel has A/C - a luxury we have not got at home and would be really longing for tonight.

* I should only be out for 6-8 weeks; should be back on skates just in time to start the regular season.

01 August 2007

Ontario - Yours to Discover

There is no bridge on this road:

There is a giant chicken:

Perhaps the sign is to deter bird naturalists who might object to the cannibalistic overtones of the avian condo development?


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