22 January 2008


Chris has lost the corkscrew and we're running out of beer.

21 January 2008

Things I've Learned So Far Today

Unplugging the digital camera from the computer does not disconnect your cell phone call.

A nearly-nine-year-old boy can find many more hours of contentment in a room "with nothing in it" if you ask him to empty the trash than if you simply send him to his room.

Being grounded from electronic toys is much, much worse when houseguests bring you a new Webkinz border collie or German shepherd.

Eating lunch can be exhausting. So much so that I'm starting to wonder if it's worth even trying to send Lars to school tomorrow.

Chocolate cravings can be specific - any chocolate, even very good chocolate, might fail to satisfy.

20 January 2008

Sick On Sunday

Lars came home from school sick on Wednesday and got worse until Friday when Chris took him to the doctor. Strep cultures came back negative and he seemed improved yesterday but he spent today coughing in that way that makes you want to catch the lung you're sure is about to come flying out. By dinner, he'd used up his energy. He managed to join us for some bread but poured himself onto the couch right after and was asleep behind a barricade of pillows moments later - he didn't even have the energy to turn on the TV.

Chris is picking up Wisa Wisa and Brianna from the airport now. I'm hoping they will not get whatever scourge Lars is battling while they're here to visit!

Ross wants to play Webkinz but can't, since he's grounded. So, I'm going to play my Webkinz instead...just to show him what he's missing. I'm sweet like that...

18 January 2008


Almost everything that has happened today has been annoying! If the view out my den window wasn't SO nice and sunny, I would certainly be in a foul mood. As it is, I'm looking out the window as often as possible and wondering if it's just me or if the world is really not running quite right today?

16 January 2008

We Don't Inhale

"I went to Wegman's today because we needed milk," Chris says a little too casually. I look at him with suspicion, narrowing my eyes in hope. He whips open a nearby cupboard and drops his voice, "I also got another box," he gasps before quickly closing the cupboard door on the flash of red box. I let my breath out with relief. We have more! "And guess who I saw," he continues, "in that aisle? The Sunshine GUY." My heart quickens and I wonder if Chris remembered. "I asked if they make a bigger box," he pauses and my chest swells with hope, "but they don't." We look at each other, devastated, then Chris says, "We'll just have to buy a couple of boxes for the pantry. Running out again is not an option."

Curse you, Fraukow! Curse you and your introductions to ridiculously addictive snacks!

14 January 2008

Movin' Movin' Movin'

Sister K made it to Austin! She drove her car behind mom, who drove the rental truck full of all my sister's stuff. They left Arizona good and early Sunday morning and just called to say they'd gotten to my sister's NEW TOWNHOUSE! They were doing a happy-dance in the backyard, not having picked up the keys from the realtor yet (they dropped off the truck). Look for pictures and stories on her blog...but not soon, since her cable won't be installed until later this week. Still, send her some comment-love! She'll appreciate the messages all the more after a week with no internet access.

13 January 2008

Five Game Weekend (Updated)

Lars got his final birthday present this week - new hockey gloves! He's in a size that our local shops didn't have much selection in, so we shopped locally for feel and style and I found the fit on eBay for 1/3 of retail cost (woo hoo!). Note the happy accident of Sabres colors! The new gloves have already been play tested in two games, admired by all in the locker room and are reported to be very comfortable.

I got a new stick! It's bright green. Chris actually got it for me quite a while ago but I haven't used it, since I haven't been skating. Well...practices last month went well, so I tried a game yesterday! We played a PA team with a couple of women from the tournament team I broke my leg for over the summer, so it was a fitting return to the ice. We lost but my leg held up well! I played another game this morning - a win! - and we have one more set up for tonight. Every year, we play a game on an outdoor rink at a club in Summit, which is a lot of fun. They're predicting snow for tonight (despite the fact that it's been in the 60°s this week...), which would make it even more fun but I suspect the weather won't turn until after the game is over. Either way, I am SO glad to be back on the ice!

Update, 10:07pm: We tied the outdoor game and celebrated with the other team after with sandwiches and beer. A 1-1-1 record is not bad for my first weekend back in the games!

08 January 2008

Despite the Loss, Cranky Wednesday Morning Kids Will Be Worth It

Why is the rallying cry of NJ Devils' fans, "Rangers Suck," regardless of their current opposition?

07 January 2008

Finding Myself

The boys had an afternoon hockey game at home on Sunday, a singular treat in a sea of 7:00am games they play this year. To mark the event, Chris made little paper slips with the game information on them so the kids could let their friends know about it. Lars took and handed out handfuls of the info slips. Ross didn't want any and didn't hand out any of the ones Chris tucked into his knapsack.

During the week before the game, Lars would report on which kids he'd talked to about it, who thought he could come, who probably couldn't. He was excited and animated and...such a huge contrast to Ross, who flew into a rage every time the subject of telling friends about the game came up. His tantrums dissipated into despondent, heart-wrenching sobs that had Chris and I befuddled - we just couldn't figure out what was going on in Ross' head and he wouldn't (couldn't?) tell us.

Saturday afternoon, Lars wanted to call a boy he hadn't been able to give an info slip to (he ran out). The problem was that Lars didn't know the boy's last name (he's in the grade ahead - they play on the playground together) and he has a common first name, so there were a lot of choices in the school directory. Even after using our best narrowing down skills, there were three different boys it might have been. Lars was in favor of calling all three; I was in favor of not calling any. In a rare moment of clarity, I suddenly realized what the problem was for Ross - he feared rejection.

Lars invited the world, happy to hand out information slips and talk about the game with anyone he got within arms' reach of. Lars didn't seem to think that everyone he invited would come, or even that most of them would, he was just happy they knew about it and figured maybe a couple of people would come, if their parents could bring them to the rink. For Lars, inviting people was fun; whether they came to the game or not didn't really matter.

For Ross, the inviting part was scary. What if someone he invited didn't come? It would be ok if they didn't come because they had something else on the schedule but the thought that someone might not come because they might not want to come terrified Ross. As I realized this, I remembered exactly how it feels to be scared of handing out invitations for fear of rejection like that. I grew up feeling that fear but it
never occurred to me that Ross, a dynamic group leader, a kid who will try almost anything, might fear rejection by his peers.

When I explained to Chris what I'd figured out, he agreed that's probably what's going on. Since talking about it sends Ross flying off the handle, we're going to try a stealthier approach and give him more practice at inviting people for things. We've already started, by simply suggesting that we have an afternoon free next weekend - maybe he'd like to ask a friend over? He's already made the call and a plan has been made. We're assuming that regular invitations will give him practice with both acceptance and rejection and hoping that the practice will make rejections easier for him to deal with.
Most of the time, finding myself in my kids is fun but this time, it's just making me sad.


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