14 January 2008

Movin' Movin' Movin'

Sister K made it to Austin! She drove her car behind mom, who drove the rental truck full of all my sister's stuff. They left Arizona good and early Sunday morning and just called to say they'd gotten to my sister's NEW TOWNHOUSE! They were doing a happy-dance in the backyard, not having picked up the keys from the realtor yet (they dropped off the truck). Look for pictures and stories on her blog...but not soon, since her cable won't be installed until later this week. Still, send her some comment-love! She'll appreciate the messages all the more after a week with no internet access.

1 comment:

Kids Special Needs said...

I just checked out a few of your blog posts over at WorstMamaEver. Hilarious!! I especially love the one about your son gyrating his hips and penis around when exiting the bathroom (paraphrased). That is hysterical. Additionally funny to me because I have three boys. ;o)

Gotta love a good penis story. And one of the boys hurt his penis on the whiteboard the same week? Wow, quite a penis week!

I'm going to have to pace myself reading the WorstMamaEver posts, or I may pee my pants during severe laughter.


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