20 January 2008

Sick On Sunday

Lars came home from school sick on Wednesday and got worse until Friday when Chris took him to the doctor. Strep cultures came back negative and he seemed improved yesterday but he spent today coughing in that way that makes you want to catch the lung you're sure is about to come flying out. By dinner, he'd used up his energy. He managed to join us for some bread but poured himself onto the couch right after and was asleep behind a barricade of pillows moments later - he didn't even have the energy to turn on the TV.

Chris is picking up Wisa Wisa and Brianna from the airport now. I'm hoping they will not get whatever scourge Lars is battling while they're here to visit!

Ross wants to play Webkinz but can't, since he's grounded. So, I'm going to play my Webkinz instead...just to show him what he's missing. I'm sweet like that...

1 comment:

Grandmoo said...

Nice painting above him! If it weren't for the bare toes, I couldn't tell he's there. Poor baby. Put some socks on his cold little piggies!


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