21 January 2008

Things I've Learned So Far Today

Unplugging the digital camera from the computer does not disconnect your cell phone call.

A nearly-nine-year-old boy can find many more hours of contentment in a room "with nothing in it" if you ask him to empty the trash than if you simply send him to his room.

Being grounded from electronic toys is much, much worse when houseguests bring you a new Webkinz border collie or German shepherd.

Eating lunch can be exhausting. So much so that I'm starting to wonder if it's worth even trying to send Lars to school tomorrow.

Chocolate cravings can be specific - any chocolate, even very good chocolate, might fail to satisfy.


Sister K said...

aw...on a day off from school? that's definitely not faking :)

Grandmoo said...

He needs time to recouperate! Thanks for giving him a blanket (those pillows were lumpy as covers!). I've decided to give up all chocolate (except Hershey's cherry cordial kisses; those I've decided to replace dinner with). Please don't send him to school. He deserves one sick day he can enjoy! (BTW, have you noticed that you've turned into a MOM and I can root like a Grandmoo?)

Anonymous said...

I need a day off, to just do nothing!!!


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