13 January 2008

Five Game Weekend (Updated)

Lars got his final birthday present this week - new hockey gloves! He's in a size that our local shops didn't have much selection in, so we shopped locally for feel and style and I found the fit on eBay for 1/3 of retail cost (woo hoo!). Note the happy accident of Sabres colors! The new gloves have already been play tested in two games, admired by all in the locker room and are reported to be very comfortable.

I got a new stick! It's bright green. Chris actually got it for me quite a while ago but I haven't used it, since I haven't been skating. Well...practices last month went well, so I tried a game yesterday! We played a PA team with a couple of women from the tournament team I broke my leg for over the summer, so it was a fitting return to the ice. We lost but my leg held up well! I played another game this morning - a win! - and we have one more set up for tonight. Every year, we play a game on an outdoor rink at a club in Summit, which is a lot of fun. They're predicting snow for tonight (despite the fact that it's been in the 60°s this week...), which would make it even more fun but I suspect the weather won't turn until after the game is over. Either way, I am SO glad to be back on the ice!

Update, 10:07pm: We tied the outdoor game and celebrated with the other team after with sandwiches and beer. A 1-1-1 record is not bad for my first weekend back in the games!

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