26 May 2009

After Eight Years, You'd Think We'd Know How

One night, Lars went to bed before his comforter ('Bob', since it has Bob the Builder on it) was done in the wash. When Chris went up later with Bob, he found this note on the pillow next to Lars, who was fast asleep:

"Bob gose on top of me. OK. Good night!! take blanke off of me before you put bob on me please!!"

21 May 2009

Single Note Arias

Every now and then, Lars will take a pause, draw himself up taller, form his mouth into a very operatic O, raise his eyebrows and emit a single, wavering note which he holds for a few seconds. He will then instantly return to whatever he had been doing (homework, whining about what's for dinner, running after a friend in the yard, tying his shoes, whatever...). He's been doing it for the last week or so, sometimes even using port de bras to highlight the moment. I have no earthly clue where this new habit came from but it's pretty amusing.

20 May 2009

Something Audrey Will Totally Understand

At the 4th grade concert tonight, Chris pointed out the girl he thinks has a crush on Ross. "How do you know she likes him," I asked?

You'll see tomorrow when he gets home from school. She sits at the window of the last seat so she can see him get off the bus each day."

"Oh, she's that local? We can never get a dog." Chris looked at me like I had three heads, so I elaborated, "We can't just hand him such a great excuse for late-night walks!"

17 May 2009

Birth Announcement: TWINS!

We had a birth today! Chris noticed a mama deer and two tiny babies out our kitchen window (yay for bay window in new kitchen!).

We cautiously went out and took some pictures. I watched the fawns wobble a few steps at a time and saw how mama licked them every time she could and I determined they were VERY new. Chris guessed within a week; I guessed within the hour.

After about twenty minutes of watching, Lars got impatient with being so far away and climbed on the playhouse for a better view. Mama was fine with me (mothers know) and ok with Chris (he's a good dad) but was a little skittish about the excited eight-year-old, and decided to move her new brood off toward the creek.

When they'd gotten far enough away, Chris decided to check out my "within the hour" theory - and, lo, found fresh afterbirth right there where mama had been laying. What can I say? Mothers know these things.

I asked him to take a picture from the birthplace to the house - they were close! We're usually the wildlife nursery yard anyhow - a few weeks from now, mother deer will swing by and drop off their cherubs to eat my plants while they wander off to have their hooves done - but this is a new thing for us to see.

Chris got some videos, too:

10 May 2009

Mother's Day Activity: A New Tactic

This Mother's Day, I decided to spend time with my kids doing whatever they wanted to do, which turned out to be playing Tony Hawk's World Skaters 3 on xBox. After watching the kids play for a while, I got to make my own character and try the game out. With a lot of help and instruction from the boys, I achieved a grand score of 3,475 on my first run through the Foundry (note: the lowest milepost score is 30,000) and I only fell into the vat of molten steel twice! I did achieve cries of delight from the boys for some skill I executed along the way but since I had NO CLUE how I did it and couldn't repeat it or teach it to them, I lost esteem. After that first exhilarating run, they decided to show me how it's done and I spent a few hours watching the great ones trash my poor score. We also had bacon with breakfast (we're using it liberally to prevent Swine Flu) and Chris made (and cleaned up from!) a delicious dinner. All in all, a great day.


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