17 May 2009

Birth Announcement: TWINS!

We had a birth today! Chris noticed a mama deer and two tiny babies out our kitchen window (yay for bay window in new kitchen!).

We cautiously went out and took some pictures. I watched the fawns wobble a few steps at a time and saw how mama licked them every time she could and I determined they were VERY new. Chris guessed within a week; I guessed within the hour.

After about twenty minutes of watching, Lars got impatient with being so far away and climbed on the playhouse for a better view. Mama was fine with me (mothers know) and ok with Chris (he's a good dad) but was a little skittish about the excited eight-year-old, and decided to move her new brood off toward the creek.

When they'd gotten far enough away, Chris decided to check out my "within the hour" theory - and, lo, found fresh afterbirth right there where mama had been laying. What can I say? Mothers know these things.

I asked him to take a picture from the birthplace to the house - they were close! We're usually the wildlife nursery yard anyhow - a few weeks from now, mother deer will swing by and drop off their cherubs to eat my plants while they wander off to have their hooves done - but this is a new thing for us to see.

Chris got some videos, too:


Sister K said...

oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! how sweet, sweet, sweet. what a very special thing to see!!!!!!!!! keep them safe!!! :)

*pab said...

very cool!

Missy said...

how adorable! Thanks for sharing! I ran across two babies about that size (with no momma around) the other night...check out my blog on: http://mypositivepresent.com to see the story!

LMP said...

That horrific shot of the afterbirth caused Prince's Housequake to enter my mind with a minor alteration..."What was that? After birth!"

Yes, I think it's going to be a Prince morning in my office...


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