20 May 2009

Something Audrey Will Totally Understand

At the 4th grade concert tonight, Chris pointed out the girl he thinks has a crush on Ross. "How do you know she likes him," I asked?

You'll see tomorrow when he gets home from school. She sits at the window of the last seat so she can see him get off the bus each day."

"Oh, she's that local? We can never get a dog." Chris looked at me like I had three heads, so I elaborated, "We can't just hand him such a great excuse for late-night walks!"

1 comment:

ajetting said...

Wow, I feel so high-tech to be called out on a blog!!

And yes, I laughed at the dog comment. We did OK even without pets, right? (Or am I forgetting that D had one?) And what kind of well-behaved man are you married to that he didn't get it right away?? :)

I think I'm relieved to know that kids still resort to staring out the bus window - they don't just send texts! I anticipate some hilarity when Rafi is older, as we live across the street from a cute female classmate of his. I would love to be the center of staring contests...


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