07 August 2007

The Untold Story

Each tournament I've been to has a story and the most recent one is certainly no exception. I could sit back and let my broken leg reign as THE story of the MS 2007 tournament. I could even laugh and point out the enormous banner for St.Luke's - the hospital that patched me up - hanging in the background of the medals ceremony (I only noticed today when I processed the pictures).

...but my leg doesn't really doesn't deserve top billing. Anyone can break their leg while playing hockey...it takes a special someone, though, to hop into the wrong team bench at the end of her shift!


sister k said...

st. luke's should waive your bill in exchange for the publicity they'll get from the banner on your hockey rink wall! LOL...what an advertisement!

Navilyn said...

I've never broken my leg (I did break my arm, in three places!), but you don't seem to be in any pain, almost happy!

Noetheless, I hope it heals quickly...


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