04 August 2007

Time Out

We're spending this weekend in Bethlehem, PA, where I've been skating in the Hockey Fights MS tournament. I'm skating for a blended team of women from the Central Penn Blades and the Bridgewater Wings - the same gang I skated with last year. It's been fun so far:

Game 1: Win!

Game 2: Win!

Zambonis concert! Nothing like skating to your favorite hockey band!

Game 3: Loss - but we're still in the finals!

...except that I will have to cheer from the side. With 5:34 to go in the third of game 3, I slid into the boards today and fractured my left tibia. Ow! My sister will be glad to know there are good things to be recognized:

* The ER here was fast and everyone was really nice.

* The hotel has A/C - a luxury we have not got at home and would be really longing for tonight.

* I should only be out for 6-8 weeks; should be back on skates just in time to start the regular season.


sister k said...

oh no! between u & mom maybe it's good that i ended up on the ortho floor...FEEL BETTER & NO MORE ER's!!!!! do they need postpartum RN's there?

Joy, of course said...

Oh no! Poor thing. I am glad to hear you will be back in time for regular season though. I hope you are not in pain. And hurray for AC. Here it's standard and I can't imagine my life without it.

Fraukow said...

Glad you're okay! remember this isn't the theatre! No "break a leg" needed here!

Grandmoo said...

This is NOT the way to emulate mama!


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