18 December 2006

In Which Ross Becomes Insanely Jealous and Portland Overtakes Hawaii as his Next Desired Vacation Spot

My recent trip to Portland had a delightful surprise ending - dinner and a show with a regional manager and his wife, who found themselves with a spare ticket on the day (their daughter couldn't make it). We ate in a cute little sushi place that had conveyor belt service - you can either select something right off the belt or call out your order and the sushi chef will make it up and send it your way. I thought it was a novel set up but conveyor belt sushi is apparently not uncommon in the Northwest and is rumored to be quite a popular method of dealing with service in small spaces in Japan. At dinner, I told them how much Ross likes sushi and how I thought he'd adore making his selections off the belt. Sure enough, when I made it home and described the place to Ross, his eyes lit right up and he declared that we NEED to go to Portland so he can eat there! Hawaii used to be his dream vacation spot but conveyor sushi service seems to have pushed Portland right to the top of the list. To his future wife, I'm sorry (!) ...but Portland is a pretty nice place to visit.

1 comment:

Alec said...

There is carousel sushi in Manhattan! It's on third avenue in the 50's...



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