30 December 2006

Birthday for Days

Momo & Opa give each of their grandsons a Prince-for-a-Day Adventure on their sixth birthday - a day the boy gets to spend with MoPa all to himself, filled with adventure! As the youngest grandson, Lars has heard tales of adventures from his brother and cousins and has been looking forward to his own adventure for months! After breakfast, he got to open his Adventure Kit...

A travel cup/snackholder, for sustenance while exploring the world.

Sunglasses for UV eye protection and major coolness.

And, of course, a map for planning the adventure route! He also got a compass that Opa taught him how to use, so they could be sure they were going in the right direction.

Lars decided to head East and South, to visit Lucy the Margate Elephant who sits at the seaside on Absecon Island. Lars got to walk on the beach and collect shells, have french fries and ice cream and play games. He chose not to stay overnight so his adventure ended with takeout Thai food at home with everyone. The next day, he got to celebrate AGAIN (lucky kid) with lunch at Chuck E. Cheese and a special trip to choose his own two-wheel bicycle! He, Momo & Opa took the new bike for a spin in Duke Island Park, which has a great bike path.

On December 30th, his actual birthday, Lars got to open his last presents - Magnetix, a searching book about castles (Lars adores finding things in pictures), a story by Suzy Kline, and Fillmore to join his new collection of the Cars vehicles. All in all, a fantastic birthday!


Rob said...

Happy Birthday, Lars!

Grandmoo said...

Even if Ross got his 6 Adventure two years ago, I can see how it would be hard to keep his cool while watching several days of turning 6 for Lars now. Even I would love a turn on that new red bike!!! Master Lars, you are one cool 6 Dude!


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