26 December 2006

Merry Christmas!

The kids were SO excited that Santa came! Lars was ecstatic to get THE BIGGEST BOX. They were both fairly sure that it would contain ALL THE STARWARS TOYS...but were happily surprised and excited to find a SweetHands Stickhandling trainer instead. We set it up in the driveway yesterday and all had a go before the rain. It's put together in the lab now for daily use - they were down for a while this morning already!

Ross got the HEAVIEST box this year, a Thumler's Tumbler for polishing his growing collection of crystals and special rocks.

All in all, a great day and we have lots of new things to play with together this week!


Aunt K said...

tooo cooool!!! also dig the color of their matching pj's :) So much fun to see all the smiles!

Grandmoo said...

oh my goodness! i had no idea Ross was in to collecting polishable (is that a word?) rocks... grandmoo shall save some special specimens he might find if he hunts carfully in the yard!

Navilyn said...

I want one of those SweetHands Stickhandling...

The boys look so happy!


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