31 December 2006

Great Finish

In all my excitement about our renovated front entry back in October, you may not have noticed that there were a couple of things missing in the photos at the end of the post...things like a handrail, kickplates, and a triumphant guy who did a great job. I will be the first to admit that I thought those things would be added to the picture sometime around 2020, or whenever we decide to sell this house...but I WAS WRONG - Chris got everything together and finished the project on his own - in the same year as he started it! Many, many, many kudos to him for rebuilding our front stairs. They're even better than I imagined they might be!

Vernors supplied by Fraukow & Family...another display of Great Gift Giving!


Grandmoo said...

It's beautiful! (It looks warm and sunny in NJ, too!)

Navilyn said...

It looks so inviting, like it!

Chris, I've got some space at the back of my house to build a deck. Fancy coming and helping me? Of course, you'd be doing most of the work. I specialise in PC's, no idea how to build a deck. What's a hammer? :)

Anyway, my address is...

Fraukow said...

I can think of several guys that would be gald to help for free beer and food and a trip to Navilyns house! They look great and glad the vernor's is getting put to good use!


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