13 December 2006


Things every business trip features:

* Impossible hours
* Missing my family
* Conference decor in every possible non-color

Things that separate one business trip from another:

* Personal driver pick-up at the airport, particularly at 9:50pm local time (1am body clock) when I am generally not inclined to lug my own suitcase around.

* Mint Milano cookies and chilled water waiting in my room, along with a note thanking me for being a Platinum Member (I welcome Mint Milanos anytime).

* Dinner includes a wine tasting featuring some surprisingly good local Oregon vintages and some fantastic food.

I will be glad to get home on Saturday!


Grandmoo said...

I didn't know you were IN Portland!

kasper said...

You're in PORTLAND?!?!?!?!? No wonder I haven't seen you recently.


Love you, fly home safely

rob said...

you go to Portland and your husband starts rewiring the house? are you sure it's still going to be there on saturday?

kasper said...

not my fault, everytime she goes away something electrical happens... just cuz the house knows I am not allowed to touch the wiring (unless it seems to be on fire...)

ahhh domestic bliss!!!


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