06 December 2006

On Our Calendar

December is one big celebration around here:

December 4th: Anniversary of moving into this house. FINALLY.
December 5th: My Gramma's birthday (I always remember)
Walt Disney's birthday (fun to know)
Prohibition repealed (and there was much rejoicing)
December 6th: St. Nicholas Day [we're secretly skipping it this year and the kids don't seem to have noticed. Shhh...this means I'm ahead on stocking stuffers!] {Fraukow's skipping it at her house too, with the same lack of notice from the younger set. Must be a bad year for St. Nick.}
December 9th: My birthday (woohoo!)
Rochelle's birthday
Jessica's birthday
December 12th: Emma's birthday (her first this year!)
December 15th: Katja's birthday
December 22nd: Ging's birthday (we are screaming up to the point where the two week difference will be firmly in her favor...)
Dylan's birthday
(his first this year!)
December 30th: Lars' birthday (he'll be six!)
December 31st: Kara's birthday (and you thought I'd stand on the whole New Year's Eve thing here...)

More reasons to party than you can shake a stick at!

1 comment:

Fraukow said...

fraukow tried to skip, but 2 little boys remembered in the morning and convinced mommy to put their shoes out a day late, justto see. well, they've decided to put them out a day late every year thanks to the big chocolates they received. oops!


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