19 December 2006

Morning Conversations with Lars

Lars: Mama, are you afraid of the devil?

Mama: Not really, but I try to always be a good person so that I won't have to ever meet the devil.

Lars: Oh, because you know he's right here.

Mama: He is?

Lars: [picks up foot and points to bottom, near big toe] Yes, right here under your foot.


Each week, Lars makes a little book for school. He has to highlight his wordwall words in the text, color the pictures, cut out the pages (four to an 8-1/2 x 11 paper), figure out the page order and staple them together. He reads the book at home a few times, then brings it in on Friday for a class activity. He usually cuts each paper in half and then each half in half to get the quarter size pages. This morning, as he was cutting the second page, he suddenly broke out his radio sports announcer voice, "I'm going to make a sudden turn! Look here! It's coming up! And now, with my scissors, I'm...goooING...TO...TURN! I did it! I turned! Did you see that? [holds up page with one quarter size corner cut out] Mama, it was AWESOME."


sister k said...

i bet that was the beeeest cut EVER! :) btw, what's on the bottom of your foot that looks like the devil?

karen said...

By "your foot," Lars did not mean my own particular foot; he meant 'your' globally. Ross had a similar religiously slanted revelation a few years ago and, when questioned about where he learned it, said God told him. I know better than to ask too many questions by now.

Epiphany Alone said...

Lindsay just thinks her toes are tasty.

I too would not know how to properly respond to "God told me".

Anonymous said...

if it was 20 years later, i'd be a little more concerned with "God told me" (esp. having just done my psych rotation ;)

kasper said...

I was curious, so I asked. Apparently Ross told Lars that the devil is underground.. or underfoot. Which Lars translated as a 5 year old does... literally.

I checked, the devil is NOT in our basement.. but if that corner collapses I wouldn't be surprise if he showed up through it.

Navilyn said...

Well, at least Lars knows what 'direction' the devil is.

I've just been too scared to look under my toe now...


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