28 December 2006

"I've NEVER Liked Chocolate!"

The desperate cry of a kid who's had just a little too much of everything is universally recognized and any parent can tell you that the more absurd the statement, the more the kid needs a nap. Considering that my kid is nearly eight and still boiling that his temper fit resulted in his being left out of the afternoon excursion with his dad, brother, and grandparents, I'm guessing he will not actually take a nap...but I'm hoping a couple of quiet hours will at least give him a chance to cool down. He's gotten bored with just about everything except scowling for the moment and I'm considering a mission into the other room to confiscate all the books I can easily see, in hopes that he'll read one I don't scoop up just to spite me.


Fraukow said...

I hope you threaten to wash his mouth out with soap for saying such blasphemy!

karen said...

I just took back the chocolate I'd offered!

Grandmoo said...

I understand Ross completely. As anyone who knows Grandmoo knows, I never liked chocolate either. I can't understand why you'd try to get him to eat such stuff! (and I'll gladly take his nap for him to punish me for saying this!)

karen said...

Let the record show the offender scarffed a huge helping of the seven (SEVEN) different kinds of CHOCOLATE mousse dessert his brother selected for dinner on the very same night he made the ridiculous claim. Also, many, many, many (so many even he was laughing many) fond memories were recalled over dinner of his younger days, when we couldn't pass by a Godiva Chocolatier in the mall without stopping for a sample piece or all H-E-double-hockey-sticks would break loose. I suspect that he may still regret this particular tantrum when he's 38 and we're all laughing about him over holiday dinners!

Navilyn said...

Those dishes are looking good at the moment, no?

"Come on son, get your gloves on..."


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