23 December 2006

Amen, Sister!

Fraukow wrote about her holiday woes and totally understand! It makes me grouchy to decorate and undecorate for the holidays...so I generally don't do much. I prefer to spend my time doing something WITH my family. I might feel differently if I worked fewer hours, but I abhor the commercialization of Christmas anyway so I sort of think I wouldn't do that much more.

We haven't put up a tree this year - it just seemed too too much to deal with around everything else that's been going on. We did get the chimney swept but still can't use it, so I'm planning to put our tree skirt on the hearth and spill presents out of the fireplace, which I think will look festive.

Our holiday plans are centered around our house this year and will feature a couple of guests, a couple of great meals, and (hopefully) a boatload of good memories. Chris' cousin Geri will join us tomorrow for a few days and his parents will come down on the 26th. On the 29th, we'll have some friends for dinner because I'm having a psychotic need to cook a turkey (I think it has to do with Fraukow's Hot Turkey Salad). Lars turns six on the 30th and then we'll celebrate NYE at Chez Stoll before tumbling into 2007.

As for
presents, my own theory may be viewed as rather anti-holiday but it's heartfelt and based on these thoughts:
  • I like to give presents to people I know and care for.
  • Giving a Great Present makes me feel better than giving something just to give it.
  • A Great Present is good to give (or get) on any day.
  • Some of the best presents I've gotten break the rules of present-giving (like 'never give a woman a purse'... :) )
In support of these thoughts, I've been trying to Give Great Present for a while now. It sometimes means I suffer moments of doubt - this fledgling theory still needs quite a bit of working out - but I think it will be just the thing to ease my holiday stress. I think Fraukow will see a great example of a total hit AND miss when Lucas gets his present - I should have brought it up for him to open at Thanksgiving, but I suffered doubt (didn't want him to be without something to open at Christmas...) and didn't. In retrospect, I should have followed my gut and given it to him then - it was totally the right time. Ah, well...I think I learned something about Giving Great Present and I hope he'll like it for a long time anyhow.


Epiphany Alone said...

I usually feel that way about decorating too, but I didn't this year. But I did do things a bit differently. Although we put up our artificial tree, most of the decorations were made. Truthfully, there are 3 boxes of Christmas decorations remaining in the basement as we made cookies to hang on the tree, used candy canes, and Lauren and my mom made long paper chains for the mantle and tree. Rather than making a neat little pile of cards, I've used them to make the top of the mantle and my desk festive.

The best though was the decision not to buy wrapping paper, and instead wrap presents in butcher paper that Lauren could color on. Each present has a unique Lauren-ism.

Grandmoo said...

The tree is a bother, but one well worth it for the kids, or so I vote (i hope it was worth it for you). The surprise of finding it there like magic, or the joy of helping to hang the ornaments (many made at school by the kids), gave me wonderful times and great memories. Gramma used to say Christmas is for the children (dinner is for the adults). A Charlie Brown tree with few decorations would do! p.s. I hope Lucas' present wasn't a turkey!

Navilyn said...

...here, here; I totally agree with the timing of giving, and the reason for giving a present. This is probably why during the year am constantly giving my wife one thing or anything, even if it's a purse - LOL

But, if you read this in time, it would be great for us to see a photo of the fireplace once it's done. I think that's a brilliant idea having the presents, etc, around it...

karen said...

I'll be sure to post pictures! Chris' parents gave us a pair of beautiful holiday glasses once with a note that they were for use in that quiet time after the kids are in bed and before Santa comes...this is the first year we're actually prepared to use them!

Fraukow said...

I have to say I like my tree this year - my 3 boys did the work of setting up and decorating - but I am totally ready to take the rest of it down already. it just doesn't feel like xmas w/o snow. thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one and that you liked the purse! LOVE YOU!


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