06 December 2006

From the School

"We have an atypical and recently on-going problem that we need assistance and support from our parents/guardians of boys in grades 1-4. Briefs/underwear belonging to a young boy has been repeatedly found in the boys' lavatory near the All-Purpose Room/Cafeteria. It is usually found between the middle of the day and the early afternoon. Today's pair was light blue in color -- and reported by a student who spotted them on the floor."

The rest of the note is a request for those of us with boys to check their underwear drawers and report back if we notice a diminished supply. They (tactfully?) did not instruct us to check for undies on our kids after school. They also did not offer size or brand, which might be helpful. As I was lining up these thoughts and preparing to mount an underwear investigation, I realized three things that get me right off the hook:

1. My children are inordinately attached to their underwear. I think it may be genetic, passed along on their paternal side.

2. Boxers or boxer briefs are the preferred style around here.

3. We haven't had any light blue undies in a while; not since size 4.

Phew! (?)

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