21 January 2007

Weekend Update

Lars skated just fine on Saturday and, aside from an amusing tendency to look at his own reflection as often as possible and say, "Wow, my eye looks awful!" he seems unaffected by the injury.

My hockey team skated to a win last night, 1-0 and a loss this morning, 1-3. I got the assist today, feeding the puck to my linemate for her first ever goal! Much fun. We've got another game tonight, our annual outdoor contest at a local country club. The weather has been so warm lately that some thought we might not be able to play on the outdoor rink but nature has caught up to the calendar and the forecast tonight predicts it will be 24°...plenty cold to keep ice. The home team always hosts us for beer and pizza in their clubhouse after, which is nice to look forward to if you get cold on the bench. I'm not sure there will be much getting cold tonight, though - it seems like not many of my team can make the game, so those of us who do play will probably be on the ice a lot. Good for keeping warm and I'll surely sleep well tonight after so much skating!


Grandmoo said...

Lars is right, poor baby. His eye does look awful! (The bone around the eye socket always bruises so beautifully!)... Please give him hugs and kisses for the handsomest shiner in the world! (Ross, too, of course!)

sister k said...

good luck @ your game later...the fewer of you there are maybe you'll score another goal! i hope lars' eye doesn't quite feel as bad as he states it looks! poor guy!

Navilyn said...

I hope he is not tired. How many games do they play within a 'short' space of time?

Do they have 'million-dollar' contracts? LOL

karen said...

@navilyn: The kids skate for two hours on Saturday, first a skills clinic and then a game. They will probably both make the next level in a few weeks, though, which will add another skating day mid-week.

My team skates practice one or two nights per week, with games on the weekends. Usually, we play one or two games per weekend but this week was a marathon with three games.


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