20 January 2007

Goalie Kit

Ross got to skate in a goalie kit this week! Chris captured a bit of a movie with his cell phone:

Who'd have thought we'd be carrying video cameras around in our pockets, just in case of a video-worthy moment?


Navilyn said...

Am happy to see he could wear his helmet today!

Grandmoo said...

This is wonderful. I'm so proud of him! (What is a goalie kit?

karen said...

goalie kit = the pads a goalie wears

hockey kit = the pads a hockey skater wears

Grandmoo said...

Ah! I had the picture of something little that fits in a compact case; you burst my bubble to describe something huge that takes two people to carry to the car!

sister k said...

i'm with grandmoo on this one...but yay Ross! Ross looks so grown up and smooth on ice! :)


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