15 January 2007

Death and Thank You Notes

Cuddled on the couch watching very bad TV, the subject of writing thank-you notes for our Christmas gifts came up. Usually, I either write them myself or provide all the required tools (notepaper, pens, stamps, addresses, legible handwriting for envelopes, etc...) and then stare at Chris while he cranks one out. This year, however, he said, "I already sent mine." He already sent his. He ALREADY SENT HIS?!? Moreover, he didn't put in any thanks from me, his loving wife who has spent over a decade writing thank-you notes on his behalf. His reaction? He didn't put any of my thanks in because he didn't know what to say for me. I told him to put,

"Karen died from shock when she learned that I wrote my own thank-you notes this year, so she's unable to send her own. Before her untimely death, she enjoyed her Christmas presents very much."

For the record, I don't really like pina coladas, although I gave them a very fair try.


Navilyn said...

This is hilarious!

I might have to try that for this coming Christmas...

Delphi said...

Remember, baby steps. One thing at a time.

Watching the mailbox said...

Next year he might try birthday presents, anniversary presents, joint Christmas presents. . . !?!

karen said...

wtm: a girl can only hope!


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