12 January 2007

It's Tricky

Lars likes tricky things. He likes the letter 'C' because it was tricky and asked to borrow sounds from letters 'S' and 'K'. He likes matching an expected result in an unexpected way. For example, it's tricky to make harmonica notes by sucking the air out the back end rather than employing the standard blowing-in method to produce the same notes. He also enjoys explaining something when it's too tricky for you to figure out on your own. Such explanations are especially satisfying when the trickiness in question is Lars, himself. Smug glee just glows off him whenever he gets to announce, "I was being tricky!" If you don't look totally impressed, he'll wiggle his eyebrows and nod confirmingly while saying, "You don't believe it!"


Navilyn said...

We need a video clip of that 'eyebrow' movement - LOL

Grandmoo said...

Lars was being tricky when he decided to be born while Mama had the flu in the middle of one of the worse blizzards in recent New Jersey history. He was being trickier when Ross, the magician, made him disappear and then couldn't find him again (Kat has that on tape)!


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