27 January 2007

4,327 Good Parent Points

It's official - both boys were offered spots on the new Mites club team at the arena! Here's a clip of Lars from this morning's skills session (he's #14 in white):


Ross was tapped to play in goal, something he's been dreaming about since he was three. I thought (hoped?) that maybe he'd out grow it but he hasn't yet and so we went out to get his own set of goalie pads today. There's a kit to borrow at the arena but the stuff is all a little bit bigger than big on Ross and we figure if he's going to play the position, we'd rather he have the right protection. We did a full fitting tonight after dinner, to get all the straps set right and make sure we understood how the whole package goes together. We get SO much time to prepare...first practice is tomorrow morning, Sunday, at 7:30am. We win at least 4,327 Good Parent Points for agreeing to do this!

Here he is in the goaltender chest & arm
protector. The thing is ballistic and it seems like he'll barely be able to bend in it yet, miraculously, he seems to bend just fine. The leg pads are actually not the smallest possible size, either, so somewhere in the world there are goalies even smaller! I taped his new goalie stick red, per instruction, for the "heat" in Heaton (the stick brand). Here's Ross in the whole get-up, wearing a practice jersey. Jury is still out on whether he'll be able to get up once he goes down. Place your bets now, then show up at the arena tomorrow morning by 7:35am (current guess about the latest possible time he will choose to try making a Famous Goalie Save) to be present to claim your prize!

I'll leave you now with this serene image of The Goalie At Home; an image that should be cherished because he will be instantly throttled if his goalie gear ever shows up in the living room again!


Grandmoo said...

Those smaller than Ross's goalie pads are NHL branded oven mits! I'm so proud of the boys! Not that they can play hockey, but that they can move in that gear! BTW, once again, I had to lay on one side to view the game. The videogrpaher gets 1/2 a point for aiming at Lars!

Navilyn said...

CONGRATULATIONS, you're two-for-two!

The first photo of Ross, he looks like he's a Transformer; at least he's not a Deceptacon...

ps: I watched the video twice, now my neck hurts...LOL

Sister K said...

good think my monitor is a portable laptop screen so i could turn it the other way! lol...

karen said...

Sorry about all the sore necks...but I *did* put a warning up! :)


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