03 January 2007

Bambi's Mother is ...dead?

With two interstates, three state highways, and a major shopping center within a two mile radius of our house, we are not really in the country...but sometimes it's hard to tell. This morning, a limping doe was sighted at the school bus stop - she'd probably been clipped by a car. A neighbor reported her to the town and a cop was sent around to investigate. We heard two shots and then confirmed with our neighbor that the doe was down, in plain sight, at the bus stop and the cop had left! Chris called the township to ask if they'd come to collect her and was told they usually send a truck around at the end of the day. Chris mentioned that this particular carcass was left in the middle of the elementary school bus stop, and the same five kids who'd been traumatized by Bambi's mother's painful limping that morning would return at 3pm to find her dead at their feet. The lady in dispatch agreed it would be better to send someone over sooner, so we were thankfully spared a round of afternoon drama.

1 comment:

sister k said...

i'd be traumatized too...bambi still makes me cry!


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