28 January 2007

Movies from Morning Skate

Two snippits of the morning skate today. In the team drill, the kids are learning explosive starts by lifting their feet over the sticks (rather than starting from a sort of shuffle along the ice). Ross is obvious; Lars is wearing a red jersey with his name and 20 on the back.


Sister K said...

cool video for Ross! unfortunately, Lars' video says it's no longer available? how can i access it? thanks!

karen said...

You can wait a few minutes until the post finishes uploading! "No longer available" isn't right...more like "not available yet." :P

Delphi said...

How do you move in all that? Most impressive. I can't even skate a straight line from one end of the ring to the other.

Grandmoo said...

I didn't see any team drill with Lars... only the coach with goalie, and then some kids against goalie. Is there a missing video?


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