26 January 2007

Field Trip

The second grade classes went on a trip to Duke Farms today, a 2,700 acre estate created by James Buchanen Duke in 1893. It has been preserved by the Doris Duke estate as an environmental model property with eleven greenhouse display gardens that the public may tour. Ross was impressed and excited by the glass houses and talked a lot about the beautiful flowers, statues, and temporaries that he saw inside. Temporaries? Temporaries. You know, when they make the shrub grow around a wire and it gets the shape of a brachiosaurous.


Delphi said...

If I were wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice I would have an orchid greenhouse and definately some temporaries-maybe in the shape of camels.

Grandmoo said...

We saw temporaries at Disney World. Remember? Tell Ross I recently discovered that my beautiful agave (century plant) was only temporary, too. It froze. The lovely two-story high spike never fully bloomed. It needed one of those green houses for temporaries.


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