13 January 2007

A Perfect Sale

The den in our house is small (about 7' x 14') but has a very high ceiling (nearly 10') and large windows, so it doesn't feel closed in. It took me a while to find desks that fit the space and were suitable for what we do. When I found them, I was mortified by the cost but no matter how much searching we did, we couldn't find anything we liked better or that would work and cost less so we bit the bullet and bought them. They were mail order and despite 43 measurement checks, I was nervous that they wouldn't fit...but they did and they are PERFECT. They exactly fit side by side. They also look great and are well made. We forgot about the money almost as soon as the desks were in and nearly two years later, we still love the desks. I get to work from home quite often and I've amassed quite a collection here of materials and equipment so that, even when I have to go in to the city, I rarely have to trek all the way out to the office. The time savings is great...but it means I constantly have stacks of cardboard boxes filled with catalogs or demo equipment hanging around. Sometimes when I'm dreaming of having a heck of a lot more money than I have, I peruse catalogs in search of better storage methods. I've had my eye on a cubby set that would be PERFECT, if it wasn't forty-six million dollars (ok, not quite that much but it's all the same, really, if you haven't got it). Each time the catalog arrives I find the picture, affirm that I still think it would be perfect and sigh as I realize that my measly savings just won't cover it. And then, a January miracle - IT'S ON SALE. It's on huge sale, 70% off. I checked my savings account - I have the money! I measured twice. I measured three times. Heck, I measured seven times because I wanted to make sure it would fit...and it will fit! In my den! Where it will make my cluttery gack look reasonable! When you come over to gawk in admiration, please try not to make fun of me for buying perfect furniture that blocks a door. The door WILL MOVE! We plan to renovate that bit of the house...just as soon as we recover from doing the kitchen.


Colleen said...

Ooooh. I love it too! Any chance you'd share where it's from and what the reduced price is?

Fraukow said...

ooh, i could use one of those, even while completely lacking any available space in the house for it!

Grandmoo said...

The cubby is BEAUTIFUL! But is that desk in YOUR den?

sister k said...

i love it! i love the floors & lighting! are those your floors?

Delphi said...

Yay organization on sale! It's pretty cool.

karen said...

@ colleen: Pottery Barn, sale price of the cubby set is $399, down from $1299! Also, sign up for UPromise before and you can get 3% back for Delaney's 529 account. :)

@ fraukow: Remember your idea to put french doors from the living room into playroom? That will most certainly happen, as I'm planning to block the current door into playroom with my cubbies. :P

@ grandmoo: We have TWO of those desks in our den! They're side by side, along the wall.

@ sister k: These pictures are from the Pottery Barn website. My den has deep wine-red walls and a honey pine wood floor.

Colleen said...

Are the desks from PB too?

Thanks for the info on the cubby set!

OMSH said...


Wow - beautiful cubby!


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