17 January 2007


Pajamas are on, teeth are brushed and everyone is tucked in his favorite way. Kisses are given, lights are out, good nights are said in all the languages we like and it seems that tonight will be a quiet one. I put away a few things from the hall shelf and head downstairs. I've just reached the den when I hear a soft thump from upstairs. There's a slight pause, then another thump and a shuffling noise. I go quietly back upstairs and hear muffled whispers.

"this one's yours...and here, these."


There's a pause in which I detect faint clicking. Then, a whisper I can't make out, followed by the quiet sound of bed covers being shifted; small someones nestling in. Ahhhh...bingo. They have the Gameboys and the last whisper was a warning to get under the covers for better concealment.

As I head to their room, I'm impressed - usually a nighttime raid such as this would have required a lot more noise and carrying on. Plus, they were cooperating and being polite - any mother would be proud! They've learned to whisper and probably made some arrangements ahead as far as who would do what, to minimize conversation. Too bad they haven't realized that their being under the covers will also render them less aware of what's going on outside of their tents! I snap on the light, my hand out. Two tow-heads appear with wide, guilty eyes and Gameboys are dropped into my hand without a word. Heads hanging, the extra cartridges are also handed over. For a moment, I feel awful. I want to dive under the covers and get up a game with them! Then I remember it's a school night and I'm the mom and the morning will be awful if they don't get to sleep. Sometimes, responsibility sucks rocks.


Colleen said...

That's such a sweet story. It makes me yearn even more than I already do for a little brother or sister for Delaney.

Your guys are so funny!

Grandmoo said...

Don't worry. In a blink they'll be off to college and you can play 'till your heart's content...and eat candy for breakfast if you want!

Delphi said...

I remember when I would visit my friend Stephen we would go on night raids to the kitchen. We'd steal some easy to eat food and pretend we were on a secret mission.

Navilyn said...

I sense another pair of 007's in the making!

sister k said...

i just can't believe my little guys are at the age of secret meetings and sneaky missions to beat the bedtime clock! that can't be right! that was juuuust us! i swear! lol :)


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