16 May 2007

Words Every Wife Dreads

"Honey? We need a big bucket!"

It's worse when these words are followed by a sluicing noise and then a thud, indicating that the husband who'd just yelled had also just verified that, yes, the back deck is still very slick when wet.

So, what happened? The plastic cover over the vent fan in our attic ceiling blew off the roof, allowing torrents of rain to pour directly into the attic. The rain is now being funnelled into a big laundry bucket - Chris will go up to replace the roof cover when the roof isn't wet.

For the record, our basement? Very dry. (Do dance here!)


Colleen said...

Whew! You scared me. I thought one of the kids was barfing (the worst thing that can happen in my book!).

OMSH said...

I'm with Colleen - I saw "bucket" and thought "barf". Or rather "blowing chunks", but that is hardly a nice way to put it, now is it?

So sorry about the rain in your attic though. Sounds like a song!


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