06 May 2007

Poem In Your Pocket Day

Ross wrote his own poem for "Poem In Your Pocket Day" at school last week. Here it is, verbatim:


Stiks slaping at pucks
and banging aganst pads.
Goiles making great saves.
fans cheering flag waving
and much more I just
wish they score


Grandmoo said...

Other Haiku composers could learn a LOT about eloquence and minimalism from Ross. It's wonderful!

Scarehaircare said...

An athlete and a poet. WTG, Ross, you are a Renaissance man!

Heather B. said...

Beautiful poem!

I did have to write the pro-Sens post under some duress, but I did mean MOST of it :-)

I'm strangely optimistic about tonight's game. There's no explanation for it, but I think we're going to win! I could be delusional though. I'm with you on wondering where the heck the team we've been watching all season went.


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