27 April 2007

Series 2, Game 3

Tune in to NBC on Sunday, April 29th, 2:00pm EST for Series 2, Game 3: NY Rangers vs. Buffalo Sabres at Madison Square Garden, when the Bridgewater Wolverines will be the Mites on Ice between the 1st & 2nd periods!

If the Mites on Ice is covered at all, look for Ross in goal, White #35 and Lars skating (probably defense), White #00. If NBC isn't savvy enough to pick up the Mites game, you'll be able to catch some clips on YouTube next week.

With that, we're off to Lake Placid where I'm playing in a CHE Women's Hockey Tournament this weekend. I get to play on the 1980 Olympic rink at Herb Brooks Arena!

Who needs lotto when you get to skate at MSG and the 1980 rink in the same week?


sister k said...

way too cool all around...make sure to get both exterior & interior pix!

Sister K said...

how were the GAMES?

Grandmoo said...

After I wrote to NBC to BEG them to mention the boys if not show them, they ignored them completely! How rude is that! (But we faithfully looked at the ice and knew that they had been on it only a few minutes before.)

Fraukow said...

were you able to get video?


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