19 April 2007

Blogging from Bryant Park

  • 6am train. Ugh.
  • Starbucks not open on time; no latte or breakfast. UGH!
  • Suddenly raining! Did not wear raincoat, but did have umbrella (nobody is more shocked about the umbrella than I was). Argh.
  • Useful but interminable lecture on inverters (might have been better if I'd had coffee).
  • Good news that a job I've been working on came through!
  • Surprise meeting for my least favorite job.
  • Site visit revealing contractor lost 2/3 of his control stations. Job turns on Tuesday.
  • Surprise meeting with one of my favorite engineers.
  • Uncomfortable phone call, making me wonder if I've somehow gotten mixed up with the mob.
  • Shockingly sunny and mild, open tables in Bryant Park, twenty or so minutes before I must head to next appointment...so I'm enjoying the slanty afternoon sun hitting the NY Public Library and blogging outside. Wheee!
Hope you all had some good surprises in your day, too!

1 comment:

Grandmoo said...

Your blog was my biggest surprise today. Until I read it, I thought today was the 18th!


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