17 April 2007

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Ross has been wiggling loose top tooth #2 vigorously for two weeks now. Yesterday, I caught him attempting to dislodge it with a spoon and then, shortly after, with a lego. He wiggled enthusiastically most of today but the darned tooth stayed in. After dinner and a few rounds of Uno, I tucked the kids in to bed and was pleased that they snuggled in and stayed quiet, even though I'm sure they heard Bibliofilly arrive to watch the hockey game. About 20 minutes after she arrived, Ross appeared, triumphantly wielding the tooth!

I hope he'll get another loose tooth soon because anything that can keep him quiet and in one spot for twenty minutes is something to cultivate.


Grandmoo said...

What a beauty! Please tell Ross that Grandmoo says he'll need that air conditioning in Arizona. We can't wait to see you all!

slouching mom said...

OK, that is an adorable photo.

And speaking of photos, I love the new photo of you on your profile.

Congrats. to Ross on the tooth!


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