22 April 2007

Mama, Can I Help?

Today's another beautiful day! We got errands done early and then took the kids to the toy store - a rare treat. Ross had gift cards from his birthday and Lars is headed for a party, so needed to select a present. When we got home, I thought I'd sit on the porch and renew the polish on my toes while the kids played outside...which is sort of what happened. As soon as I sat down, a bright head appeared next to me asking, "Mama, can I help?"

Allowing an elongated pause, I considered my options and decided that saying yes was probably the fastest path to his getting interested in something else. I dolloped polish remover on two cotton balls and showed Lars how to use one to take the color off my toes. He worked on one foot while I worked on the other. After, he carefully examined the color choices and decided which one he'd use. Ok, he decided on four different colors (he was planning a pattern) but I narrowed him down to only one. It was a painful elimination at the last but I've promised there will be other chances to use the color that did not win this time. At several points, Ross called out for Lars to come play but Lars remained interested in my toes, so I showed him how to apply the color. He stuck with the task for all ten toes (go figure).

Not bad, you say? Well...the color he chose is a Del Sol polish, which changes color in sunlight:

Thank goodness the indoor shade is clear!


sister k said...

ha ha! at first i thought you were trying to show swollen feet or something....is the polish on in the first pic too? he did a good job!...now u just have to teach him the foot massage part! lol...

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Do work barefoot in a slaughter house?

Linda said...

I had never heard of that kind of nail polish, that's pretty darned cool! Actually, he did as good of a job as I normally do - I am terrible at putting on polish!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

Sister K said...

actually, your feet would make a cool stephen king cover :) i thought of u the other night when one of the laboring moms had gotten the dad to paint her toes prior to hospital check-in...lol...he wasn't so fond of it, but i thought wow, lars is training early :)


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