15 April 2007

Us v. Them

Saturday afternoon found Chris and I head-to-head with our kids in the first Mites vs. Parents hockey game. The Mites team had several distinct advantages, starting with the fact that all players on their team know how to ice skate. The parents were less talented (our intrepid goalie ingeniously used the goal to keep himself standing), less graceful (think orthopedic ward), and fewer in number; we won't even talk about energy level. Still, we rallied enthusiastically and showed the Mites that they are unquestionably better at hockey than we are. The parents did manage to score a few (boy, did I take some flack on my own bench for scoring on Ross!) and the Mites were even good enough to let us win by one in the end...so the parents will always have this game to remember in future years, when our kids are beating the snot out of us even while skating one-footed and holding their sticks blade-side-up.


sister k said...

was Ross more forgiving of you scoring on him than your team was? lol..sounds like a fun game!

Grandmoo said...

Savor that goal. It may be the last one you see for a LONG time on Ross!


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