16 April 2007

Rain Day

For those of you not plastered to the Weather Channel, there's a lot of rain coming down over here. Central Park registered 7-1/2" of rain yesterday and there's more coming down still. NJ has declared a state of emergency in our county, schools are closed, our neighbors are starting to frame an ark, our front path is under 6" of water, our yards - which all run downhill - look like lakes...but our basement is DRY!! I will gleefully prepare meals in my still-horrible kitchen, secure in the knowledge that, while my countertops might not be attached, my house will not fall over.

Ross and Lars each have a friend over and Chris has been supervising assorted activities all morning. Snippets of the conversation overheard while they were building with Legos:

"No, that's a toilet plunger!"
"...because sharing is for BABIES!"
"A toilet plunger. A thing you get the water on the floor with?"
"...this guy has no head"
"He still could plunger something"

When they all get too rambunctious to sit around the table any longer, Chris herds them downstairs so they can romp around in the (DRY!) basement. We're doing mac'n'cheese with fruit for lunch and will show a movie after. I'm about done with the work I'd planned to do today (I did a slew of it last night, in anticipation of being in the city all day) and wondering if I'd get in a little or a lot of trouble if I continue hiding in the den and fire up Civ IV or NWN2...

1 comment:

Grandmoo said...

Toilet plungers! So THAT's what all those guys are doing with their head in the toilet!


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