09 September 2006

Door Number Two

Our basement, before full-scale waterproofing, which will save the footings of our house from becoming completely waterlogged and collasping on us all. It doesn't look so bad, does it? I mean, the house is 86 years old and the spidery 'Christmas tree cracks' with water coming right in through the wall is only in a couple of corners...:

The work crew was fantastic! Each man was polite, well mannered, good humored, professional and efficient. When they arrived, each man introduced himself to us by name, offering his position if he had a distinct one or pointing out the man in charge. In the days they were here, there wasn't a moment when we didn't know exactly what they were doing, as they took care to review the process before starting a new bit and to ask us questions or let us know along the way if the plan changed. They were mindful of the kids and would hold the work or make a clear, safe path whenever any of us wanted to come into the work area for a peek. Despite the fact that we showed them our bathroom and offered open invitation to use it as necessary, they knocked and asked each time before coming into the living part of the house. If they worked in an area, they left it neat as a pin when they were done with anything they'd displaced put back and cleaned. As they were heading to the trucks to leave, one man was sweeping our front walk as he went. The others were good naturedly teasing him - he's apparently the lead neat-freak - but they all pitch in. Clearly the best work crew we've ever had!

During the Work:

After (so far - it'll be 30-45 days before the installation cures and we can paint):

...Somewhere, Monty Hall is visibly disappointed that I got a basement drainage system, complete with two sump pumps and a zillion little base-filled holes to force acidic water out of the foundation walls instead of the Beautiful New Kitchen behind Curtain Number Three.

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