01 September 2006


We've been reading a wonderful dragon tale at bedtime this year, the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. The story is filled with Dragons, magic, heroism, wonder, bravery, all the good stuff. Book 1, Eragon, was fantastic, so now we're on Book 2, Eldest.

Last night, a village in a remote part of the land was in trouble. Serious trouble, the sort it looked like they would not be able to handle on their own. Ross leapt to the edge of his bed, eyes wide, exclaiming, "They should get the Varden (resistance force - good guys)! Or call the Dragon Rider (hero)!"

As the story goes, the resistance force lives in a secret location - very few people outside of the force actually know where they are. Also, even if someone in the town knew where they were, the secret location is weeks away by horse and foot. The hero is, for the most part, still unknown to the kingdom at large and again, even if someone did know about him, his location is fairly random and unknown. When I pointed these facts out, Ross said in his best I'm-being-very-patient tone, "The dragon can fly there faster and it doesn't matter where the Dragon Rider
is - they should just call him on his cell phone."

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Fraukow said...

that is prefectly resonable logic, if you can have all that magic stuff, why not modern conviences as well.


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