03 September 2006

Digging for Dinos

After four days of rainy weather, today dawned bright and mild and we got the kids outside right after breakfast. It's too wet to play in the woods, so they're paleontologists, excavating on the wilds of our deck. Lars is unearthing a sabre-toothed tiger and Ross is working on digging out a velociraptor. Their banter is a mix of jargon from adventure stories - they are making "very important discoveries" and finding things "previously unknown to man" - it's hard for me not to giggle but they're so grave and serious about their work that it would be really rude of me.Later, we'll take a pile of things for a garage sale over to Lady Epiphany's (in preparation for having our basement dug up next week) and will celebrate the good weather by grilling. I'm off to load cars, make cookies, and see the next Very Important Discovery which, I'm just told, is the Lower Jaw of An Ancient Creature!

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