02 September 2006

Peaches, Plans, and Good Teacher Vibes

One of our neighbors went peach picking and gifted us a large bag of peaches today! If the rain ever lets up and the humidity gets reasonable, I'll turn a bunch of them into peach pie. If not, I may take Ging's lead and take a stab at canning.

Ross has started making his own plans with his friends. It's amusing and heartbreaking at once; they frequently wind up spending an hour or two in their own houses, each waiting for the other to appear at the door. I know he's a boy, but I fervently hope he'll get better at making and executing plans!

The new head of our PTO, a neighbor who had no idea what she was getting into when she agreed to run for the position, says the teacher Ross has been assigned for second grade is the teacher most requested by parents. She is apparently dynamic and quite well respected by students and parents alike. I will be SO thankful if this year goes well - heaven knows I won't live through another school year like the last one...


Epiphany Alone said...

I have my fingers crossed that Ross' experience was like mine in school. A terrible first grade teacher followed by a wonderful second grade teacher.

You know how to can?! Ohh. I want to learn how to can.

Spice Girl said...

So, didja can? Or did you make peach pie?



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