06 September 2006

Mid-day hooray

Bibliofilly's coming over for lunch! At least I think that's what she said. It's hard to have a phone call with three power hammers going in the house...

Update, 9pm: It's been my habit to serve something wacky for lunch when Bibliofilly comes over. I'm not sure quite why it got started but it's fun and so, when I have time to plan, I'll make something adventurous. Her welcome call today ("save me!") came in the midst of great goings on here - it's the first day of school and we're having major excavation work in the basement - so, while I've been missing her, I haven't been sitting around dreaming up menus. When she arrived, we cracked open some beer and looked in the cupboard. Lo and behold, a perfect solution was just waiting! My mom went to Japan this year and sent us a packet of Japanese noodles and sauce, the package of which is decorated with cherry trees in full blossom. Chris and I have been meaning to try them but hadn't yet, so there they sat, a perfect adventure dish!

Pink noodles! Instructions entirely written in Japanese...

We made some educated guesses about how one might prepare the dish:

We applied the sauce directly to the noodles:

First tastes were tentative, but everyone enjoyed the meal! We decided couldn't pinpoint the flavors in the sauce, but speculated it was miso based; it didn't taste quite like a straight soy sauce. We also thought there might be something sea-related...not fish, exactly, possibly seaweed? I've saved the wrapper and will ask my mom's Japanese penpal, who will visit us in October, to translate so we'll know what we ate. :)

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Grandmoo said...

The reason that the package is decorated in cherry blossoms is that the noodles are actually made from cherry blossoms (that's where from the pink comes). (By the way, those boys are incredibly handsome. They must have good genes!)


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