15 September 2006

More on Food

After a day full of dreary rain, the neighborhood kids gathered for a twilight romp session before dinner, yelling through the yards as they ran out the energy they'd not used all day. Nothing would get them into the house for dinner, until Chris thought of broadcasting the menu to the yard. Two quick rings of the cow bell on our porch and "WILD MUSHROOM RISOTTO" boomed through the woods.

A small, blonde head appeared from nowhere. "My favorite wild mushroom risotto? The one what has the rice? And the wild mushrooms?" Lars was in. Ross allowed himself to be herded when I offered to let him set the table with good china. My kids are weird but wonderful and dinner was fabulous.


Kara said...

yuummm maybe i'll have that for brunch....
please tell me you are making it into the city

Spice Girl said...

I'd come in for wild mushroom risotto! :)


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