19 April 2007

The Writing on the Wall

I tend to wander around while I'm on the phone. It's genetic - my mom can't get a number dialed before she's sprinting around and my kids learned to walk pretty much so they could make calls. Playroom opens off my den, so I frequently trail around in there while on calls. On a wander this afternoon, I found this:

At first glance, the purple scrawls might seem like useless graffiti...but look closely - it's an argument:


Ross Ye
lars NO

A written dialogue between the kids! How clever! IN PURPLE MARKER ON MY WALL, which completely voids any hope of my praising their cleverness. Questioning reveals that neither boy had anything at all to do with the writing on the wall. Nothing! Not one thing! Punishments were still handed out, because we're just mean that way. And no, in case you were also wondering, they may not help repaint the wall.


Grandmoo said...

Hey! I get my exercise that way! (by the way, all your pictures are blank)

Epiphany Alone said...

How curious that one set of writing is the large letters of a 6-year-old and the other, the tight penmanship of an eight-year-old.

applesonastick said...

Mr. Clean magic erasure, you will be amazed and what that little puppy can do!

Grandmoo said...

If Mr. Clean Eraser doesn't work, spraying DW40 will. (and yes, today I can see the pictures!)

Grandmoo said...

Woops; WD-40!


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