18 May 2007

Cue "We Have A Winner" Music

I won a contest! Amanda, of The Naked Ledger at ClubMom and Mandajuice, posted a 'guess my grocery total' contest earlier this week. I entered by guessing the total in comments, along with about 67 others, and my guess was closest - only six cents off! My sister is a life-long The Price Is Right fan and I'm counting on her to be impressed by my grocery totalling prowess (especially considering the items are things I don't buy and California pricing!). For the record, I'm delighted with my win!


Colleen said...

Congratulations! Very cool.

sister k said...

cool! do u get a price is right prize? lol...yes, i'm impressed :)

Navilyn said...

Very impressive!

Mimi Lenox said...


I enjoyed meeting you so much yesterday at the party. I'm going to blog about it later. I promise not to share about the well....you know....

I didn't know you were a "queen" too! I humbly bow to your queenship.



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