31 May 2007

Swaparooni! Pink & Green, part 2

Now that my swap package is safely in the hands of my swap buddy, I can post what was inside - I can't tell you how much fun I had putting the package together!

The roll on the left is a silicone baking tray liner, but my swap buddy will use it as a mouse mat! I never would have thought of that myself but it will be perfect - it's got a nice texture for the mouse ball and is totally flat, so it won't stick up off the desktop like a foam pad. (Note: the cow mug in the upper left corner goes so nicely with everything, doesn't it? It's not part of the package, though...it's just my coffee.)

We have a Lego store nearby with bulk Legos (nirvana; also very dangerous). The bulk stock rotates constantly, so I was happy to find they had a nice selection of greens and pinks for the pencil holder. Here's a shot of the construction:

I filled one tin with pink & green Jelly Bellys and the other with binder clips, paper clips and a few miniature gingham envelopes I found at the craft store.

The disc is full of .mp3 songs following the theme:
Incubus “A Certain Shade of Green” (Acoustic)
Social Distortion “Pretty in Pink”
Incubus “A Certain Shade of Green”
The Shins “Pink Bullets”
Tom Jones “Green Green Grass of Home”
Blonde Redhead “Pink Love”
Vivian Green “Cursed”
Aerosmith “Pink”
Aerosmith “Pink” (Acoustic)
Celtic Bagpipes “Greensleeves”
Ben Harper “Strawberry Fields Forever”
Coldplay “Green Eyes”
Blue Rodeo “Rose-Coloured Glasses”
Avril Lavigne “Basket Case (Green Day cover)”
Bon Jovi “Bed of Roses”
Al Greene “Simply Beautiful”
Pink Floyd “Learning to Fly”
Pat Green Dixie Lullabye”
Rockapella “The Pink Panther Theme”
Tally Hall “Greener”
Pink “Get This Party Started”
Green Day “Time of Your Life”
The Stone Roses “All Across the Sands”
Green Lizard “Autumn”
Guns’n’Roses “Sweet Child o’ Mine”
Jack Greene “There Goes My Everything”
Rose Royce “I’m Going Down”
Pat Green “Carry On”

I'm already looking forward to the next Swaparooni!


Joy, of course! said...

Okay, I honestly can NOT imagine having enough time to participate in something like a swaparooni, but I must say that I might try if I knew I was going to get your package. So cute and girly, I just can't stand it.

Can't wait to meet you at the big wedding! Wonder if Bethi will mind if we wear our brown Haiku t-shirts so we can recognize each other...like a blind date.

Hmmmm. I guess they might be a bit casual.

Judd Corizan said...

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Have a great week!

Grandmoo said...

when you do something, you DO SOMETHING!!!


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